Data controller: Sell Your House Yourself 

• On registration we collect or obtain your information for:
- notifications relating to only the 'Properties' that you have listed  
• Personal information we collect: 
- your name, contact details. We DO NOT take any financial or credit card details
• Your personal data is kept on record as a registered member of Sell Your House Yourself  solely to allow you to participate on the website. You may edit/change or remove your details at any time.
• Your personal data has been obtained by your registration toSell Your House Yourself. 
• We DO NOT buy data from third parties
• We DO NOT sell or disclose data to third parties
• How we secure your personal information: 
Communication between your web browser and our website uses industry standard encryption techniques (TLS 1.2) utilising a domain verified certificate provided by Let's Encrypt (
Our web server is well maintained, monitored and fully updated to the latest operating system patch level. Every effort has been made to ensure that our website is secure and resilient to attacks such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL injections.

• Use of cookies
Cookies are utilised as a means to identify customers on our site for the purposes of using our auction system. These are temporary and expire when logging out of the auction system or by closing your web browser.
Other cookies used are for Google Analytics which provides us with a means to track and analyse how our customers use our site in order to help us improve the experience for everybody.

• Your rights in relation to your personal information 
- to access your personal information and to be informed about its use 
- to correct your personal information 
- to have your personal information deleted 
- to restrict the use of your personal information 
- to object to the use of your personal information 
- to complain to a supervisory authority 
- to withdraw your consent to the use of your personal information 
Our details: 
You can contact the data controller by emailing